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EuroSeminar 2021

    Many thanks to our presenters and participants of the Summer 2021 Euroseminar

    Moving the Mountains Ahead
    Unity and Diversity in Times of Crisis

    At this time we are preparing the next Euromesninar, hopefully in person this December 2021

    A Seminar for Young Latter-day Saints in Europe

    The last year has been isolating for many of us. The Covid-19 pandemic, along with Brexit and other social and political upheavals, has tested and tried us. We have struggled with loneliness, illness, and a variety of personal challenges.

    President Russel M. Nelson counseled us in the April 2021 General Conference that, “through [our] faith, Jesus Christ will increase [our] ability to move the mountains in [our lives], even though [our] personal challenges may loom as large as Mount Everest.”

    Join us this summer for our online EuroSeminar as we aim to learn, discuss, and explore together how we can move the mountains ahead – through our faith, unity, and diversity and by lifting others around us.